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Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC provides consultation, expertise, and measurement systems to organizations and individuals seeking to improve the effectiveness of human service delivery organizations, services, and systems of care. TMS is the world-wide exclusive distributor of the CSQ Scales.

TMS Mission
• Enhance consumer voice in the improvement of service outcomes;
• World-wide exclusive distributor of the CSQ Scales and related products;
• Enhance quality assurance through use of the CSQ Scales portfolio;
• Support the work of quality assurance officers, evaluators, and researchers;
• Increase the efficiency of professional communication; and,
• Improve aesthetic aspects of the human service work environment.

Current Offerings include
• The CSQ Scales™ portfolio for assessing consumer satisfaction;
• Consultation on study design, instrumentation, and data analysis;
• Provision of expert data analysis services using the SAS systems;
• Video- and audio-conferencing prototype systems; and,
• Art to enhance the quality of professional and personal work environments.

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Cliff Attkisson Clifford Attkisson, PhD
President & CEO
35 Miller Avenue, #172
Mill Valley, CA 94941-1903 USA

Voice: 415-310-5396
Fax: 339-440-9537
Fax: 866-770-4975 (US Toll Free)

Carolyn AttkisonCarolyn Shields Attkisson, Esq.
Member, Attorney, and Contract Officer
Voice: 415-250-1780
Email: Carolyn.Attkisson@mac.com

Thomas Kennedy Greenfield, PhD
Clinical Psychology, SSS Author, and
Consultant to Tamalpais Matrix Systems

Bruce StegnerBruce Stegner, PhD
Health Psychology and Data Analysis
Consultant to Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC

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CheckWare, AS

Licensed to distribute electronic uses of the CSQ-8 and CSQ-18B in Norwegian
Heidi B. Aabel and Aerielle Browning CheckWare, AS, Beddingen 6, 7014 Trondheim, Norway Info@CheckWare.com Phone: +47 47 80 51 00 Fax: +47 73 53 68 19

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Arlene Eisen & Catherine Pearson Web & Graphic Design Consultants to Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC
Phone: 707-782-2262