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TMS now offers statistical consultation and data analysis services


In collaboration with Bruce Stegner, PhD, statistical consultation and data analysis services are now offered by Tamalpais Matrix Systems (TMS). Dr. Stegner was an early collaborator in the analysis of CSQ data from a large field study involving health and human service agencies across the United States. He has strong expertise in the use of the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) in multivariate analyses. He has also published important papers related to equivalence analysis and approaches to the challenge of missing data in statistical analysis of data sets. If you need statistical consultation, help with a specific analysis, or wish a quote for analysis of a data set, please navigate to the CONTACT page (using the main navigation bar on the Home Page) and send a brief request to TMS. You will be contacted for further discussion via telephone or video conference. You may also call TMS (415-310-5396) to initiate a discussion of your requirements.