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Bibliography of Key Publications

CSQ Scales: A Brief Summary
CSQ Scales: A Brief Summary.pdf

Administering & Scoring CSQ Scales
CSQ Administering & Scoring.pdf

Presentation of CSQ Results:
Presenting CSQ Scales Results.pdf

CSQ Scales License Agreements — Whys and Hows?
CSQ Scales License Agreements.pdf

The CSQScales Reprint Portfolio
The CSQScales® Reprint Portfolio is a selected compilation of key reprints that document the history of the development and use of the CSQScales® in a wide array of health and human services. These papers include selected key references and papers describing the application of the CSQScales® to studies focused on quality assurance and service outcome. This handy folio is strongly recommended as the materials will save significant amounts of time for investigators and program staff who are searching for reference materials essential to study planning, proposal writing, authoring evaluation reports, and manuscript development. In addition, the portfolio includes publications that focus on evaluation research design, evaluation and statistical data analysis methodology. Many of the papers reflect the contributions of Drs. Attkisson, Greenfield, Pascoe, and Stegner as well as colleagues Drs. Abram Rosenblatt, Daniel Larsen, Tuan D. Nguyen, and Robert E. Roberts.

The portfolio was recently updated to include publications specific to the development, dissemination, and use of the Service Satisfaction Scale (SSS).

The portfolio can be purchased as a CD-R or via a file download option available on this website. To purchase: first send an email enquiry or a “Tweet” to Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC -- (Info@csqscales.com or @CSQinfo).

Payment can be made via PayPal, credit card, or check. The CSQScales® Reprint Portfolio is available for $30.00 (US$) and currently contains over 50 publications and reports – a $100+ value.

The CSQ Scales Newsletter
The CSQ Scales Newsletter is published in paper and electronic format on a quarterly basis. The newsletter includes CSQScales announcements of interest to evaluation, quality assurance, and research personnel including students and support personnel. A copy is provided to all individuals and institutions who request periodic updates by email, is included as a PDF attachment to each response to a CSQ Scales inquiry, and each new edition is announced on this web site. The most recent issue delineated major revisions to the web site that were forthcoming, the availability of BIG PRINT versions of the CSQ-8 in English and Spanish, the initiation of statistical analysis and consultation that will be provided by Tamalpais Matrix Systems, LLC in collaboration with Dr. Bruce Stegner, updates on newly available as well as forthcoming translations, and the ability to purchase CSQ Scales forms and uses with selected credit/debit cards and PayPal. To receive each issue, individuals and institutions can register on this site. Registrants will receive a copy via email message (as a PDF attachment) or a “Tweet” announcing the option to download the most recent edition of the CSQ Scales Newsletter (current and back issues) on this site. The current issue (Summer 2012) of the newsletter can be downloaded from this link:
CSQ Newsletter      CSQ_Scales_Newsletter_10_02_13.pdf 

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All orders are shipped within 24 hours of completion of purchase or acceptance of a formal purchase order from selected agencies and institutions. Credit card and PayPal purchases typically ship on the day of purchase and can be delivered as rapidly as specified by purchaser.
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